About Us

    It all started with a decal.

    Here we were back from Europe with a decal on our car that we bought there. It was during the time that Europe was in turmoil and the Yugoslavia where our parents were born had forever changed as we knew it. Some people were so intrigued of our find for our car they asked if we could make a decal for them, and so it started 25 years ago.

    It does not matter where we are from, we have family, cousins, dear friends in Hungary, France, Italy, Croatia, Serbia. Our families have been scattered all over the world, and so this shop represents them too. 

    This Etsy shop is a labor of love for my husband and I. We do this because we believe heritage is important. We should never forget the roots of where we came from nor the language. It is our hope that your heritage, the items we offer will help begin an interest in our younger future generations. We all have so much to share with each other, stories, recipes, wine, music, dance, tradition. It is intertwined beautifully from every piece of the country we came from. We should not be afraid to be proud of where our roots originated, it is the very fiber of our being. May you be blessed on your journey with your own families as you share many good moments filled with laughter and happiness. By passing on each of your own incredible journeys, know that they will be cherished and become part of the history for our future generations.